The Right Place

A Vital Link in Canada’s Green Energy Hub

Massive Storage Potential

Fischell Salt Dome is a gulf style dome, offering massive storage space for several caverns, each capable of storing over 8,000 tonnes of green hydrogen. It offers more than enough energy storage for all the projects currently proposed by Newfoundland and Labrador’s wind energy industry. In comparison, the USA’s ACES Delta Hubs, one of the world’s largest clean hydrogen storage projects in construction, is currently constructing two hydrogen caverns with a capacity of 5,500 tonnes.

Fischell Salt Dome

The Perfect Location

Newfoundland and Labrador has all the ingredients, with its impressive wind resources coupled with the massive storage capacity of the Fischell Salt Dome, to support a clean energy hub’s economic viability and vitality.

Fischell has the potential to be a vital link between all new green energy projects in the area, providing a massive long-term storage solution to facilitate the economic viability of the region and the establishment of a new global clean energy hub in Canada.

  • A recent Phase 1 Assessment of the dome has validated that Fischell Salt Dome can store more than 35 million cubic meters, or the equivalent of 180,000 tonnes of hydrogen – making Fischell the largest salt storage facility on North America’s east coast.

  • Approximately 5.2 km x 4.5 km, with a depth of more than 2.1 km, Fischell Salt Dome is potentially one of the world’s largest renewable energy reservoirs.
  • Multiple large salt caverns can be constructed in the dome and used to store a variety of energy sources, such as hydrogen and compressed air – significantly improving the economics of major hydrogen developments.
  • Located beside the Trans-Canada Highway, tidewater, international shipping lanes, and beside the main powerline.


  • Offering safe, reliable and cost-effective energy storage.