Building a Platform to Provide Reliable Storage of Green Hydrogen and Comrepessed Air

Creating an Integral Part of  the Global  Renewable Future

About Triple Point

Triple Point Resources was created in 2022 as part of an announced spin-out from Atlas Salt (TSXV: SALT) as a global portfolio of large scale clean energy underground storage, that advances the development of renewable energy solutions.  Our focus is on developing vital storage assets for the alternative energy industry that connect renewables’ untapped power with markets worldwide.

Proposed Clean Energy Hub

On August 23, 2022, Canada and Germany signed an historic “Hydrogen Accord” in Stephenville, Newfoundland, a gateway to Europe at a time of heightened global energy concerns.  

Canada is working with European partners to strengthen global energy security and accelerate the global clean energy transition. To these ends, Canada’s allies in Europe have initiated efforts to displace imports of Russian oil and gas in the short term while accelerating efforts to deploy renewable energy and clean hydrogen.

The Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance commits the two countries to: 

  • Enabling investment in hydrogen projects through policy harmonization
  • Supporting the development of secure hydrogen supply chains
  • Establishing a transatlantic Canada–Germany supply corridor
  • Exporting clean Canadian hydrogen by 2025

The Fischell  Salt Dome is Newfoundland’s only known salt dome, a potential massive energy bank!

Salt domes are underground salt formations; if the conditions are right, a domal, quality salt formation allows the construction of salt caverns, i.e. artificial cavities or silos where salt is removed and leaves space for a tight cavern where hydrogen can be stored under pressure in large volume. Due to their tightness, salt caverns allow for storing large quantities of hydrogen safely under pressure. Storage in salt caverns is a well know and safe technology. Storage opportunities in salt caverns are the only available solution for utility-scale storage of hydrogen. Fischell’s Brook can uniquely provide regional energy producers with practical bulk storage options that are not otherwise possible.