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Our Flagship Project

Triple Point’s flagship project, Fischell’s Salt Dome, is located at the center of one of the world’s premier wind corridors on the southwest coast of Newfoundland where several multi-billion-dollar projects are proposed to build a world-class clean energy hub. A recent Phase 1 Assessment of the dome has validated that Fischell Salt Dome is a massive Gulf Coast Style salt dome, with potential to store more than 35 million cubic meters, or the equivalent of 180,000 tonnes of hydrogen – making Fischell the largest salt storage facility on North America’s east coast.

Triple Point also holds additional properties in the region that will be investigated for their energy storage potential, further advancing Newfoundland and Labrador’s clean energy industry.

Enabling Clean Energy

Storage in salt caverns has become a key component of the hydrogen economy as caverns can store large volumes of hydrogen. They are, essentially, the only available solution for storing hydrogen at industrial scale. Caverns can store several million cubic meters of hydrogen, which is a sufficient supply of energy for entire cities or regions. Triple Point plans to build caverns at its Fischell Salt Dome capable of storing millions of cubic meters of hydrogen and compressed air.

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